The mission of the project is to improve the well-being and quality of people’s everyday life. Proper breathing is useful in obtaining and maintaining a good general health status.

In the practice of Yoga and even more in Pilates, the teacher guides students vocally throughout the lesson, bringing her/him to see as much as possible the own body, muscles, heartbeat, posture, but above all: breathing


Breath is a wearable & health tech startup based in Milan, Italy. We are a multidisciplinary team: researchers, engineers, designers, Yoga teacher and smart textile experts.

Our aim is to develop a Smart Garments for Yoga and Pilates practice.

Breath! Smart System

Key Features

Calculation of the breath in real-time
Almost invisible electronics
Comparison between ventral and thoracic respiration
Display of breath directly on the shirt
Aesthetics, design and sustainability
Made in Italy